Epoxy multi-layer system is a process very used in industrial application to optimize ratio performance/price with the opportunity to obtain an epoxy resinous covering with high tear and wear resistance.
Multi-layer epoxy system can have different value of friction coefficient depend on the size of the quartz used for the broadcasting.
In May 2020 our Hungarian client made a car-parking in Budapest of 5.000 sqm based on epoxy multi-layer system with a double broadcasting of Quartz.


  • mechanical treatment of the surface to create a good profile of anchorage
  • application of Fluidepox A+B filled with 50% of Quartz B0 (0,04-0,25 mm) with first broadcasting on the surface of Quartz B2 (0,3-0,9 mm)
  • after hardening of Fluidepox A+B has been necessary to remove Quartz in excess and to abrade the surface to eliminate the part in relief then application a coat of Fluidepox A+B with second broadcasting of the surface of Quartz B1 (0,1-0,5 mm)
  • after hardening of fluidepox A+B has been necessary to remove Quartz in excess and to abrade the surface to eliminate the part in relief then application a coat of Paviplast A+B filled with 50% of Quartz B0 (0,04-0,25 mm)


Epoxy self-levelling flooring is very appreciated for making flooring in Pharmaceutical industry because final result is a surface very smooth and easy to clean with the usual washing machine.
At the beginning of October 2020 our client in Hungary has applied Paviplast 7032 in a Pharmaceutical industry for making flooring for the laboratory and clean rooms on a surface around 1.000 sqm.


  • mechanical treatment of the surface to create a good profile of anchorage
  • application of one coat of Fluidepox A+B filled with 50% of Quarzt B0 (0,04-0,25 mm) with a consumption of 0,250 kg/sqm of A+B
  • application of self-levelling flooring based on Paviplast A+B (RAL 7032) filled with 80% of Quartz B0 (0,04-0,25 mm) with a consumption of 1,80 kg/sqm of A+B


The Pala Alpitour in Turin is an important point of reference in the world of music and entertainment in Italy.
Its dimensions allow it to host, even at the same time, art exhibitions, fairs, business conventions, private meetings, gala dinners, theatrical performances: the floors, therefore, are subjected to severe wear due to the continuous passage of thousands of people.
This necessitated the intervention of Sivit, called to renovate the Foyer Sebastopoli, the main entrance of the structure: an imposing space of 4,000 square meters with exhibition stands and refreshment areas.
Sivit proposed and created a shaving cycle finished with a roller coating: a solution capable of combining aesthetic performance and high resistance to wear caused by the continuous set-ups and the passage of numerous visitors.


"Recently, cracks opened in the reinforced concrete ceiling of the foyer of the Teatro Regio in Turin from which the bitumen of the waterproofing performed at the time of construction filtered, with serious damage to the floor below. Sivit had already collaborated with the Teatro Regio in 1981 to create the waterproofed fiberglass roof. Although it was still in perfect condition, we had to remove it to reach the slab and create the waterproof fiberglass pedestrian mantle above the screed. The product used: Impermisivit LP, based on polyurethane resins, flexible and resistant. "


In production plants it is common to find concrete floors damaged by the continuous passage of vehicles and the weight of machinery. This is the initial situation of the production plant of a well-known fashion house in the province of Arezzo, where we intervened to lay a new resin floor.

The work took place in three phases:
1. Mechanical preparation of the concrete floor to create a surface suitable for receiving subsequent treatments.
2. Application of Fluidepox, an epoxy primer to consolidate the concrete layer.
3. Spreading a layer of Paviplast, a self-leveling product without solvent, and final painting with Paviwater, an opaque epoxy product.


The MULTITEL name is a reference for everybody involved with aerial access. This trademark was created at the end of the 1970s to distinguish a range of aerial equipment, manufactured by MULTITEL PAGLIERO SPA, a company established back in 1911, which looks back on fifty years of experience, in the field of hydraulics, applied to lifting and access equipment.
The cycles carried out included the following application phases:

  • Mechanical preparation of the surface by shot peening
  • Application of ECOFONDO PLUS three-component epoxy primer for wet substrates
  • Application of mass-pigmented epoxy self-leveling formulation in aqueous emulsion PAVIPLAST W
  • Application of two-component colored epoxy formulation in aqueous emulsion PAVIWATER
  • Execution of road markings


The Museo Nazionale dell'Auto in Turin is a collection of cars unique in the world, enhanced by picturesque landscape contextualisation created by François Confino: the MAUTO takes us on an intriguing journey through history, describing how the car has influenced fashions, customs, scientific research and technological achievements in a constant flow of innovation.
The requalification cycle included the following application phases:

  • Surface smoothing
  • Application of FLUIDEPOX solvent-free epoxy formula
  • Application of mass-pigmented epoxy epoxy formulation without solvent PAVIPLAST
  • Application of FINISOL COLORATO pigmented polyurethane finish
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