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It is a viscous material, capable of hardening when cold or hot. These are generally a large class of different and complex polymers, which can be obtained with a great variety of methods and raw materials. Resin is a synthetic binder used for floors, coverings, consolidation of structures, construction of furniture components, etc.

Practically every production sector uses resins of synthetic origin, from mechanics to the hospital sector, through the food sector, up to the construction sector.

The raw material is produced in large chemical factories. This material cannot be used directly on site because it does not guarantee the minimum physical and chemical resistance required. The raw materials must be reformulated and added to achieve the technical/aesthetic performances that the Customer requires. The formulation and production of these products, as well as the tests and related certifications, are the work of the so-called 'formulators', chemical companies specialized in the production of "resin formulations".

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No, as the correct evaluation of the existing support, the suitable design of the resin system and the correct application of the cycle require professionally trained personnel, capable of having professional tools and specific skills capable of minimizing the problems that can arise in every situation of construction site. Inexperienced applicators are not able to manage all the design and environmental variables present on the construction site, producing coatings with defects and/or imperfections.

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