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Self-levelling cycle, based on epoxy resin

Self-leveling epoxy cycle colored with formulations with a high solids content with a thickness of 2.5-3 mm to be applied on substrates free from rising damp.

AUT 01

Preparation of the substrate

The Concrete Substrate must be solid, dry, levelled, absorbent, not polluted by oils, cleaners, dust or any other substance. For new concrete substrate, the seasoning time must be respected. Choose the most convenient mechanical preparation: Grinding or Shot-Blasting. As this is a non-transpirant cycle, verify the presence of a vapour barrier as humidity from ground up has to be avoided.


  1. Apply by trowel, one layer of FLUIDEPOX mixed with Quarzo B0 in the proportion of 1 to 1, for a consumption of around 0,7-1,0 kg/m2. On the still fresh product seed 0,3-0,5 Kg/m2 of Quarzo B1. Fill the expansion joints with SIVITCOL or PAVIRAPID.
  2. Apply the self-levelling resin, distributing it equally with notched trowel and uniforming the surface with a spiked roller to take enable the de-airation. The Coating is prepared by mixing the two compounds of PAVIPLAST and by adding 1 to 0,8 of Quarzo B0. Consumption: o PAVIPLAST 1,8 kg/m2 o Quarzo B0 1,44 kg/m2.
  3. If a less glossy and more bristly effect of the surface is required, apply by roll a top coating of PAVIWATER (of the colour required), diluted with 10% of water, for a consumption of 0,130 kg/m2.
  4. The joints must be cut and sealed with the poly-urethane elastomer SIGILFLEX.

The final thickness of the resinous covering is around 3,0 mm.

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