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Very High Build Resinous Flooring

Epoxy mortar cycle colored with formulations with high solids content, 6 mm thick to be applied on cementitious and tile substrates.

MAS 01

Preparation of the substrate

The Concrete Substrate must be solid, dry, levelled, absorbent, not polluted by oils, cleaners, dust or any other substance. For new concrete substrate, the seasoning time must be respected. Choose the most convenient mechanical preparation: Abrasion or Shot-Blasting. When the concrete substrate is old and contaminated, it is necessary to take away the top layer till a compact and porose surface is obtained.


  1. Apply by roll one layer of FLUIDEPOX for a consumption of 0,500-0,800 kg/m2.
  2. When still fresh, apply FLUIDEPOX and Quarzo (mix 1 or mix 3), prepared in the mixing machine (in the ratio of 1 to 15) for a consumption of 10 kg/m2 (0,65 kg/m2 of FLUIDEPOX and 9,35 kg/m2 of Quarzo). Compact using helicoptering device.
  3. Saturate the porosity with 0,700 kg/m2 of FLUIDEPOX. Apply with the american trowel.
  4. Smooth the surface with self-levelling PAVIPLAST filled with Quarzo B0 in the ratio of 1 to 0,8, for a consumption of 0,7 kg/m2 (0,4 kg/m2 of PAVIPLAST and 0,3 kg/m2 of Quarzo). Apply with the american trowel.
  5. As final finishing apply by roll one layer of PAVIWATER for a consumption of 0,130 kg/m2.
  6. The joints must be cut and sealed with the poly-urethane elastomer SIGILFLEX

The final thickness is around 6,0 mm.

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