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07 July 2024

Resin floors for refrigerated environments

Resin floors are well-suited for refrigerated logistics environments, such as cold storage warehouses and temperature-controlled distribution centres, where specific flooring requirements are essential to ensure safe and efficient operations.

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19 May 2024

Resins, bioresins and green building

Gone are the days of uncontrolled construction. In recent decades, spurred by the environmental issues afflicting the planet, a new way of building has emerged: green building, whose goal is to reduce or eliminate human impact on the surrounding environment.

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12 April 2024

Self-Leveling Resin for Industrial Floors

In recent years, self-leveling resins have garnered significant attention from industry professionals and the general public alike. This is due to their versatility, the ability to be applied in various industrial environments, short curing times, and appealing aesthetic effects with numerous customization possibilities. In this article, we will explore what self-leveling resin is, its characteristics, suitable environments, and the application process.

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03 April 2024

Static-Dissipative Resin Floors for the Electronics Industry

Resin floors offer the significant advantage of being customizable to meet the specific needs of their intended environment. For example, with specific products and procedures, it is possible to create static-dissipative surfaces that can dissipate electrostatic charges that can cause irreparable damage to electronic equipment.

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05 March 2024

Cleaning and Maintenance of Resin Floors

Resin is not very demanding in terms of cleaning. Thanks to its low-porosity surface, it has an intrinsic property of dirt resistance. Since it is a water-repellent surface, any stains are only superficial. Over time, the surface may become slightly porous: in this case, after normal cleaning, it is possible to apply a special wax that closes the surface microcells.

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