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Moisture permeable coating cycle suitable for wet surfaces

Colored painting cycle based on epoxy resins in aqueous emulsion for cementitious substrates subject to rising damp.

VER 05

Preparation of the surface

Old substrates will have to be solid, flat, absorbent, and not polluted by oils, cleaning agents, powders or other substances. For the brand new concrete substrates , the seasoned time must be respected. Choose the most convenient mechanical preparation: abrasion or grinding.


  1. Apply by roller a layer of ECOFONDO, diluted in water at 15% (weight), for a consumption of around 0,30 kg/m2 of product A+B+C.
  2. After 48 hours, apply by roller a layer of PAVIWATER, diluted in water at 30%, for a consumption of 0,130 kg/m2 of product A+B.
  3. Apply roller a second layer of PAVIWATER, diluted with water at 10%, for a consumption of 0,130 kg/m2 of product A+B. Inert granulates can be added into the PAVIWATER in order to obtain an anti-slip surface.

The final thickness of the coating is around 150 micron.


If the base is particularly absorbing or dusty, apply as primer by roller, one layer of PAVIWATER T68, diluted in the ratio 1 to 3 with water and with a consuption of 0,05 kg/m2, and then execute the above cycle.

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