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Low viscosity epoxy product

Solvent-free, it is the ideal primer for concrete to facilitate the adhesion of resin coatings or create an anchoring base for epoxy screed.
It can also be used to make fiberglass coatings, consolidate reinforced concrete structures and supports, fill cavities. It is resistant to low temperatures, bad weather, hydrocarbons, oils, greases, soaps.

Type: Epoxy Binders

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Two-component product based on epoxy resins used in combination with cycloaliphatic amine hardeners.
It has good penetrating and consolidating power for concrete supports.
The particular chemical structure of the amine hardener guarantees a good reactivity of the system even at low temperatures.


Primer for concrete ideal for promoting adhesion and creating multilayer coatings, with roller application or by rasare.
Anchoring and binder bottom to make epoxy screeds.
Impregnations of glass fibers to make fiberglass coatings. Consolidation of reinforced concrete structures and cavity filling.


The substrate must have a minimum compressive strength of 25 N/mm2 and a tensile strength of 1,5 N/mm2

Preparation of the support

Working on concrete bottoms it is necessary to verify that there are no rising humidity. If the concrete is newly built, you will have to wait for the complete maturation.
The surface must be solid, absorbent and free from the presence of oils, surfactants, water, dust. Any inconsistent parts will have to be removed.
Flooring must be treated mechanically, by sanding, shot peening or milling.


At the time of application, combine part A and part B in a single container and mix carefully for 2 minutes using appropriate equipment (propeller drill).
Quickly use the entire contents of the container. When emptying the container avoid scraping the edges and the bottom, as there may be some product not perfectly blended.

FLUIDEPOX can be applied in several ways:

  • roller or brush, as consolidant, pure or diluted with 5-10% ethyl alcohol or Solvent UNI
  • loaded with QUARZO B0 or B1, for simple shaving and multilayer coating
  • sthick, to make epoxy screeds, loaded with QUARZO MIX1 or MIX

Consumption varies significantly according to the application methods and the status of the substrate: consult the Sivit Application Systems for a timely and precise reference.


For low temperature applications, the material can be heated to 25°C for easy application and catalysis (viscosity decrease).

Product for professional use, the buyer undertakes to follow the above warnings in the application of the purchased product and the instructions in the safety data sheet.

Technical specifications

Colour Transparent
0.500-0.800 kg/m2
0,350 kg/m2 of (A+B) + 0,175 kg/m2 of QUARTZ B0
Specific gravity (at 25°C):
mixture (A+B)
mixture (A+B) loaded
1.10 +/- 0.05 g/ml
1,50 +/- 0,10 g/ml (with 50% QUARZO B0)
Viscosity (at 25 °C):
mixture (A+B)
mixture (A+B) loaded
470 +/- 100 mPa•s (spindle 2, rpm 60)
840 +/- 150 mPa•s (con 50% di QUARZO B0, spindle 3, rpm 60)
Viscosity with UNI Solvent (at 25 °C):
270 +/- 50 mPa•s (spindle 1, rpm 20)
175 +/- 40 mPa•s (spindle 1, rpm 30)
Dry residue (A+B) 100% (approx.)
VOC ready to use (Legislative Decree 161/06) < 200 g/l Cat.A/j. High performance twocomponent paint (BS)
Flash point > 100°C
Solvent for cleaning tools UNI Solvent
Storage 12 months, store in a dry place at a temperature between 5 °C and 35 °C
Mixture ratio by weight: A=100, B=50
Pot-life (50% R.H.) at 10 °C > 60 min
at 25 °C 30 min
at 30 °C > 20 min
Dry to the touch (50% R.H.) at 10 °C 12-16 hours
at 25 °C 5-7 hours
at 30 °C 2-3 hours
Walkable (50% R.H.) at 25°C 12 hours
Coverage (50% R.H.) at 25°C 12 to 36 hours
Trafficable (50% R.H.) at 25°C 36 hours
Hardening in depth (50% R.H.) at 25°C 7 days
Environmental conditions of use Temperatures between +10°C and +30°C, R.H. < 60% and media humidity < 4% (*)
Appearance Gloss
Compressive strength (UNI 4279) 60 N/mm2
Bending strength (UNI 7219) 59 N/mm2
Tensile strength (ASTM D 638) 40 N/mm2
Hardness (ASTM D 2240) 78 Shore D
Chemical resistance Contact Sivit Technical Service for detailed information
CE marking (reg. n. 305/2011) Complies with EN13813:2004
Synthetic resin-based screed materials for use inside buildings
BCA wear resistance (EN 13892-4) AR 0,5 (10 µm)
Adhesion force (EN 13892-8) 4,0 N/mm2
(*) FLUIDEPOX should be applied at a media temperature not lower than 15 °C and at least 3 °C above the condensation temperature.


FLUIDEPOX® A+B is used in:



FLUIDEPOX® A+B is used for:

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