10 August 2023

Resin flooring with low VOC/COV emissions

Low-VOC resin floors offer health benefits for workers and the environment. They reduce harmful chemicals in indoor air, protecting employee health. These floors meet safety regulations and promote worker well-being, improving productivity. They are also sustainable, contributing to green building certifications such as LEED. These durable floors maintain high performance without harming the environment, providing a responsible option for industrial and commercial applications.
20 July 2023

The imperfections of industrial resin floors

Smooth, shiny, uniform and without irregularities: this is how the surface of an industrial resin floor made operfection should be. Unfortunately, the result does not always […]
27 April 2022

Resin floors for the aviation industry

The aviation industry, in order to fly really high and to realize even the most complex projects, needs a safe and well structured environment, able to […]
22 March 2022

Resin floors in school buildings

In the previous articles we have widely talked about the importance of resin floors that, thanks to their versatility, are able to adapt perfectly to many […]
28 February 2022

Why choose resin floors for the office?

When you are looking for the most suitable floor to cover and furnish your office, there are many questions and doubts that may arise. Starting with […]
24 January 2022

Resin flooring in the printing industry

Printing companies require a floor that is resistant to wear, easy to clean and as resistant as possible to dirt and printing fluids. The resin floors […]
21 December 2021

Resin floors for sanitary facilities

Avoiding the risk of contamination and the proliferation of bacteria is certainly one of the main features that a resin floor designed for hospitals must have, […]
15 November 2021

Resin floors for parking and garages

When you park a car, it tends to deposit liquid residues such as water, oil and fuel on the floor. Precisely for this reason it is […]
21 October 2021

Resin floors in the logistics sector

Often and willingly in the companies that work in the logistic field, the floor can be considered like a real work plan on which the activity […]