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With a constant evolution of chemical research, the resin comes as more and more predominant choice in the industrial field, thanks to a continuous improvement in performance, wide application flexibility and a strong economic competitiveness.

Available in a variety of formulations, and various combinations in different application cycles, the resin is able to adapt and respond optimally to the most different needs of industry contemporary.

Ideal for treating surfaces of any kind and size, both new and highly deteriorated, the resin gives depending on the need for mechanical strength quality, wear, chemicals and aggressive agents, water resistance, anti-slip properties or electrostatic dissipation.

Versatile, highly customizable and environmentally sustainable, with minimally invasive interventions and short installation time allows for paving high performance, easy to maintain, renovate or restore, with continuous surfaces and therefore hygienic, waterproof and sanitized for a work environment safe and comfortable.

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